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Add More Colors dig a well to support 7 families in Cambodia with clean water

80% of the population in Cambodia living in rural areas where there’s a poor access to clean water. We believe that we can make a difference. Since last year Add More Colors has had a representative in Cambodia and worked together with the Canadian charity organisation ‘Green Leaf Foundation’. Green Leaf Foundation supports several projects in the villages surrounding Siem Reap including water purification, mobile education, schools and an orphanage. They are also the charitable arm of Green Leaf Boutique Hotel, situated in Siem Reap. All their profits goes to their foundation which makes them the the first non-profitable hotel in the world.

In collaboration with Green Leaf Foundation we decided to make a difference and generate a self sustained income to support the local villagers. Add More Colors in collaboration with the Swedish company Axelent made the first donation when rebranding their new sports facilities. The first donation was in place and resulted in the following:

We went to a small village outside Siem Reap where the access to clean water is a problem. The access is so poor that the woman we met on the photo below had to leave her house and live with her parents to be able to take care of her child. Her husband works in constructions and earns $50 per month so without the support of Axelent, digging a water well wouldn’t be possible, and they would be forced to abandon their home.

For 2 days Add More Colors, Green Leaf Foundation and local workers and volunteers worked to build a new water well. The well is placed on the property of the woman but will also support and supply water to their 7 neighbour families. Thanks to the installation of the new water well, the mother, husband and child are now back to living in their own home.

Add More Colors are working with Green Leaf Foundation to use the donations generated from our commission jobs into starting up a self sustainable income that can enable the villagers to reach out to the world and improve their life standard, the result of our collaboration is See Their Smile.


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