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Discover The Process! How To Commission A Mural

AMC Reklam 2019

What is it that makes a mural commission such an astounding wall transformation? Perhaps the very idea of transfiguring walls into canvases already brings partial resolution to the question! Murals have the spatial advantage of just smoothly blending in, creating a sense of unified embodiment with all surroundings. They simply hold a strong and authentic vibrance. Favorably, this concept can be fulfilled ideally in almost any environment. Personifying diverse matching possibilities, murals have nowadays successfully become rather popular additions to cafes, hotels, residences, offices, and co-working spaces, whereupon it all makes you wonder: what lies behind the scenes? What is the making of? Let’s discover the entailing components of our mural commissioning processes, all the way from a simple idea to the completed, final product.

AMC Arboga 2019

1 | Setting The Foundation

Every successful project requires a solid starting base. In this initial stage, we will clarify all the aspects of your vision as a client, including budget, location and any other additional specifics. For instance, this might include the open and direct discussion of your likes and dislikes. What looks good to you? And what most certainly doesn’t?! A concrete description of your particular taste helps Add More Colors Street Art Agency ensure a more easily loveable outcome. We promise to listen carefully, with detailed consideration for each pronounced value. Becoming familiar with the many diverse aesthetics we offer allows for a more confident decision making, which is why we encourage clients to spark with curiosity and just eagerly explore through the possibilities!

1.2 | Setting The Foundation: Budget

Deciding on a budget brings attention to the primary following: artist fees, equipment costs, materials, potential travelling costs (if an artist is flown overseas), and a finalizing protection filter to ensure the quality of the mural is preserved. Costs may vary according to each individual situation, so it is important to be acquainted with every aspect of the commission! Artists often charge per square metre, meaning that prices go up as size goes up. The level of expertise and past experience of an artist will also naturally play a role in this expense. Uprising artists might charge a reasonably lower fee, whereas established ones tend to settle for a higher figure. Once the mural is finished, we also recognize that the addition of a protection filter might play a crucial role in averting unexpected changes. This depends on the weather conditions of each location. With such big efforts behind the making of a mural, it is needless to say that it is in our core values to care for its perpetuity. If the mural is exposed to humidity or rain, then we even more strongly emphasize on this; any fading or flaking of the art can be ruled out through application of a protection filter. We recommend calculating with this step when initially setting the budget, as so to entail all that is necessary for a long lasting, vibrant artwork.

1.3 | Setting The Foundation: Wall Materials

Prior to getting in contact with Add More Colors, we recommend clients to prepare wall photos, style ideas and any discussable matters regarding the location. If opting for an outdoor mural, it is important to carefully inspect the wall by a professional, as certain materials are more or less prone to durability. Brick, concrete and plaster are typically the optimal surfaces for such an execution, whilst aluminium and unsealed wood are not.

2 | Choosing An Artist

Who is the talented medium who will turn your imagination into a picture? The options are vast, and so we continue by reaching out to a list of mural artists, proposing the project outline and all relevant factual considerations given by the client. This is not only an essential step in the current commissioning process, but also an excellent opportunity for us to network and develop a closer relationship with potential artists. We then find out their costs & lead times to finally provide you with a number of candidates that are locally available and best match your taste & preference.

To facilitate the selection between recommended artists, we also make it an effort to accurately showcase past works and projects of each individual. This way, you as a client may easily tap into a clear vision of what the mural site is to become.

Remember, a mural is a captivating statement; it expresses in conspicuous abundance. Choosing to work with a well known artist might magnetize a bigger audience towards your business. Nevertheless, the collaboration with local artists is an honorable way to support growing talents and engage with the close community.

3 | Sketching

Before fully commencing, draft sketches of the artwork are sent to the client for approval. Elements, color schemes and content may be adjusted to precisely fit as an ideal model-- The goal is to turn your imagination into a visible translation!

4 | Preparing The Space

In favor of an untroublesome plan of action, the health and safety of anyone involved is of uttermost importance. Any inappropriate objects should be removed from site, ensuring that it is a safe space for an artwork installation. All workers should be provided with a designated storage space for tools and materials, as well as any required work permits. Communication should be clear and direct, so that anyone around the area is clearly aware of what is undergoing, and how long the process may take.

5 | Transforming The Wall

The artist has received the green light! Without further ado, it is time to execute the design. The needed time frame to complete the artwork may vary depending on the size and quantity of walls that are to be transformed. If you wish to find out more about various artistic techniques and their unique applications, we covered it all in our last article!

6 | Finalized Handover

During this stage, a final walk through is carried out, with detailed attention to possibly needed touch-ups or general adjustments. As we state above, the goal is to fully ensure a precise translation of the client’s vision-- from the very start to the very finish. Once all is accomplished, we may sign-off and count this endeavor as yet another successful mural commission!

By Julia Arguello Busch



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